Seattle police vow tougher handling of protest vandalism

SEATTLE (AP) — Interim Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz says the city is getting tougher on those who commit vandalism during street protests.

Diaz announced the new policy before an anticipated protest Saturday, saying it was coordinated with Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, The Seattle Times reported.

Over the past year, police have made about 600 arrests during protests, but in many cases misdemeanors have not been prosecuted. Diaz says that’s changing and those suspects will have their day in court — especially those who have been arrested repeatedly for vandalism.

A crowd of so-called black-bloc demonstrators who marched on Wednesday night following President Joe Biden's inauguration broke glass windows and doors of several downtown buildings, including a Starbucks and the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse. Police made three arrests, including one for assault.

Extra officers were on duty downtown Saturday, Diaz said.

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