Road-Rage Shooter Gets 22 Years For Everett Man's Death

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) — A man has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for a road-rage shooting that killed an Everett man.

Judge Millie Judge sentenced Simeon Berkley Friday in the death of Steven Whitemarsh in 2019, The Daily Herald reported.

This month a Snohomish County Superior Court jury found him guilty of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Berkley claimed self-defense, testifying that he feared for his life when Whitemarsh began tailgating him on West Mukilteo Boulevard.

Whitemarsh’s vehicle crashed into the back of Berkley’s Honda. Berkley got out of his car and walked toward Whitemarsh who remained in the front seat. Berkley then shot Whitemarsh twice in the head.

“You became a vigilante at that moment,” Judge said to Berkley. “You walked up to his car, you shot and killed him. It’s amazing. He was still in his seatbelt.”

Thirty years ago, Berkley claimed self-defense in the shooting of another driver, in California. After a near-crash, Berkley shot and paralyzed Richard Durkin, of San Diego County. A jury acquitted Berkley of attempted murder, attempted manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Berkley declined to address the court Friday.