Man accused of trying to take photo of woman in restroom

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Portland man convicted of harassing and committing sexual acts on women aboard Portland light rail trains and buses now has been accused to trying to take a photograph of a woman in a bathroom stall.

Jared Walter was arrested Nov. 14 after trying to take the photograph in a restroom stall at the Lloyd Center Mall, KOIN-TV reported.

On Monday, he was indicted by a Multnomah Grand Jury for multiple charges including invasion of personal privacy, attempted invasion of personal privacy disorderly conduct.

Walter is known for cutting and gluing women’s hair on trains and buses across the metro area as well as other sexual acts. A registered sex offender, Walter was the first person in the history of the transportation agency to be banned for life from TriMet.

According to court documents, Walter has a trial pending on charges of sexual abuse in the third degree and harassment. It wasn't immediately known if he has a lawyer to comment on his latest case.

Walter’s arraignment is set for Tuesday.