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Japan's space agency was hit by multiple cyberattacks, but officials say no sensitive data was taken

Jun. 21, 2024 07:49 AM EDT

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s space agency has suffered a series of cyberattacks since last year, but sensitive information related to rockets and satellites was not affected and it is continuing to investigate and take preventive measures, officials said Friday. Chief Cabinet Secretary...

NASA's Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, is doing science again after problem

Jun. 17, 2024 11:31 AM EDT

DALLAS (AP) — NASA's Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, is sending science data again. Voyager 1's four instruments are back in business after a computer problem in November, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said this week. The team first received meaningful...

A Southwest Airlines plane that did a 'Dutch roll' suffered structural damage, investigators say

Jun. 14, 2024 18:46 PM EDT

A Boeing 737 Max suffered damage to parts of the plane's structure after it went into a “Dutch roll” during a Southwest Airlines flight last month, U.S. investigators said Friday. The incident happened as the jet cruised at 34,000 feet from Phoenix to Oakland, California, on May...

Fired SpaceX employees sue the company for wrongfully terminating critics of CEO Elon Musk

Jun. 13, 2024 00:24 AM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — Eight former employees sued SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk, alleging that Musk ordered them fired after they challenged what they called rampant sexual harassment and a hostile “Animal House”-style work environment at the company. The employees, who filed suit in...

New research explores how a short trip to space affects the human body

Jun. 11, 2024 18:40 PM EDT

DALLAS (AP) — Space tourists experience some of the same body changes as astronauts who spend months in orbit, according to new studies published Tuesday. Those shifts mostly returned to normal once the amateurs returned to Earth, researchers reported. Research on...

Boeing's astronaut capsule arrives at the space station after thruster trouble

Jun. 06, 2024 23:22 PM EDT

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Boeing’s new capsule arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday, delayed by last-minute thruster trouble that almost derailed the docking for this first test flight with astronauts. The 260-mile-high (420-kilometer-high) linkup over the...

SpaceX's mega rocket completes its fourth test flight from Texas without exploding

Jun. 06, 2024 15:35 PM EDT

SpaceX’s mega Starship rocket completed its first full test flight Thursday, returning to Earth without exploding after blasting off from Texas. It was the fourth launch of the world’s biggest and most powerful rocket, standing nearly 400 feet (121 meters) tall. The three...

SpaceX’s mega rocket completes test flight without exploding

Jun. 06, 2024 10:06 AM EDT
BOCA CHICA, Texas (AP) — SpaceX’s mega rocket completes test flight without exploding.

Boeing launches NASA astronauts for the first time after years of delays

Jun. 05, 2024 15:59 PM EDT

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Boeing launched astronauts for the first time Wednesday, belatedly joining SpaceX as a second taxi service for NASA. A pair of NASA test pilots blasted off aboard Boeing’s Starliner capsule for the International Space Station, the first to fly the new...

What to know about Boeing's first spaceflight carrying NASA astronauts

Jun. 05, 2024 14:35 PM EDT

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — After years of stumbles and delays, Boeing has finally launched astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA. It’s the first flight of Boeing’s Starliner capsule with a crew on board, a pair of NASA pilots who will check out the spacecraft...