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Clouds of insecticide seep into a dining room during a fumigation operation to help control the spread of dengue fever, in downtown Pucallpa, Peru, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020. As Peru grapples with one of the world's worst COVID-19 outbreaks, another epidemic is starting to raise alarm: Dengue. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

In hard-hit Peru, worry mounts over both COVID-19 and dengue

Oct. 23, 2020 9:04 AM EDT

PUCALLPA, Peru (AP) — Two of Lidia Choque’s close family members had already gotten sick with the new coronavirus when the mosquitos arrived. The 53-year-old woman lives in a wooden house near the airport of a Peruvian city in the Amazon rainforest. City fumigators usually visit several times during...