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Clea DuVall returns to 'High School' with duo Tegan and Sara

Oct. 31, 2022 13:35 PM EDT

When actor, director, writer Clea DuVall met Canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara 15 years ago, she became both friends with the twin sisters and a frequent creative collaborator. Tegan and Sara have contributed music to DuVall's projects, and now DuVall is the co-creator of the new...

Glitzy Valentino show sees Paris Fashion Week at fever pitch

Oct. 02, 2022 15:49 PM EDT

PARIS (AP) — Valentino’s Paris fashion show on Sunday saw snared lines of black cars dropping off battalions of celebrities who, amid the commotion, just couldn’t find the entrance. Seated VIP guests were sweatily crammed in together inside the Le Marais venue, waiting as the...

The queen, as imagined — from punk rock to mystery novels

Sep. 12, 2022 11:22 AM EDT

In the spring of 2012, portrait artist Ralph Heimans stood on the Cosmati pavement of Westminster Abbey and awaited the subject of his latest commission, Queen Elizabeth II. When she approached, he says, it was an extraordinary moment. "She was wearing her Robe of State, with four...