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UK voters deliver double blow to Rishi Sunak, electing Labour lawmakers in two special elections

Feb. 16, 2024 10:19 AM EST

LONDON (AP) — Beleaguered British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday urged voters, and his restless party, to stick with him after two English districts elected opposition-party lawmakers in seats that Sunak’s Conservatives had held for years. The results will worsen fears...

Voters in two UK special elections deliver their verdict as gloom mounts for Sunak's government

Feb. 15, 2024 09:03 AM EST

LONDON (AP) — Voters in two districts of England are casting ballots Thursday to replace lawmakers who left suddenly – one in protest, the other under a cloud. The outcome could deepen gloom among the governing Conservatives, and add momentum to rivals plotting against Prime...

What does King Charles III actually do as Britain's head of state?

Feb. 06, 2024 14:10 PM EST

LONDON (AP) — The news of King Charles III's cancer diagnosis has refocused attention on the responsibilities of Britain's monarch and revived a central question about the country's centuries-old system of government: What does the king actually do? Under Britain’s...