Latest South China Sea News

Philippine officials say Chinese forces seized 2 navy boats in disputed shoal, injuring sailors

Jun. 18, 2024 10:07 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Chinese forces seized two Philippine rubber boats that were delivering food and other supplies to a military outpost in a disputed South China Sea shoal in a tense confrontation in which some Filipino navy personnel were injured, Philippine security officials said...

Chinese and Philippine ship collision just the latest in a string of South China Sea confrontations

Jun. 17, 2024 06:23 AM EDT

BANGKOK (AP) — China has been at odds with many other countries in the Asia-Pacific for years over its sweeping maritime claims, including almost all of the South China Sea, a strategic and resource-rich waterway around which Beijing has drawn a 10-dash-line on official maps to...

China says a Chinese vessel and Philippine supply ship collided in the disputed South China Sea

Jun. 16, 2024 23:16 PM EDT
BEIJING (AP) — China says a Chinese vessel and Philippine supply ship collided in the disputed South China Sea.

Philippines seeks UN confirmation of its vast continental seabed in the disputed South China Sea

Jun. 15, 2024 07:06 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines has asked a United Nations body to formally recognize the extent of its undersea continental seabed in the South China Sea, where it would have the exclusive right to exploit resources, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Saturday, in a move that...

US and Filipino forces end drills that tested their endurance in brutal heat and volatile weather

Jun. 10, 2024 09:46 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Hundreds of American and Filipino troops concluded Monday a new combat exercise in the northern Philippines that tested their endurance in more than a week of brutal heat and volatile weather, and braced them to respond to any threat in tropical jungles and on scattered...

Philippines says China coast guard seized food dropped by plane for Filipino forces in disputed sea

Jun. 04, 2024 11:40 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine military chief on Tuesday said the Chinese coast guard seized one of four food packs dropped by a plane for Filipino navy personnel at a territorial outpost that has been surrounded by Chinese vessels in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. ...

South Korean, Chinese and Japanese leaders discuss thorny topics and ways to boost cooperation

May. 26, 2024 09:58 AM EDT

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The Japanese and South Korean leaders raised sensitive topics like Taiwan, North Korea and the South China Sea as well as ways to boost cooperation when they individually met China's premier Sunday on the eve of a fuller trilateral meeting. It was unclear...

Philippines says it will forge security alliances and stage combat drills despite China's opposition

May. 24, 2024 04:45 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines will continue to build security alliances and stage joint combat drills in disputed waters to defend its territorial interests, Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro said Friday, dismissing China’s criticisms of such moves as paranoia. ...

Philippines blames China for loss of giant clams in disputed shoal and urges environmental inquiry

May. 20, 2024 21:49 PM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippines blamed Chinese fishermen on Monday for a massive loss of giant clams in a disputed shoal controlled by China's coast guard in the South China Sea and urged an international inquiry into the amount of environmental damage in the area. The...

Filipino activists decide not to sail closer to disputed shoal, avoiding clash with Chinese ships

May. 16, 2024 01:44 AM EDT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — About 100 Filipino activists on wooden boats have decided not to sail closer to a fiercely disputed shoal in the South China Sea on Thursday to avoid a confrontation with dozens of Chinese coast guard and suspected militia ships guarding the area. ...