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Biden's efforts to protect abortion access hit roadblocks

Dec. 06, 2022 12:28 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is still actively searching for ways to safeguard abortion access for millions of women, even as it bumps up against a complex web of strict new state laws enacted in the months after the Supreme Court stripped the constitutional right. ...

Teens create a ‘period pantry’ for free pads, tampons

Dec. 04, 2022 09:03 AM EST

VIENNA, Va. (AP) — When Ariyanna Ghala, 14, was shopping with her mom, she noticed how expensive a box of pads were and thought there must be something she could do to help people who couldn’t afford them. The teen in Vienna, Va., talked to her friends Ramsey Warner and Isabel...

Kansas providers cautious about doing telemedicine abortions

Nov. 30, 2022 12:59 PM EST

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas providers might not be ready for months to do telemedicine abortions even though a state-court judge has blocked the state from enforcing its ban on teleconferencing with patients seeking pregnancy-ending medications. Planned Parenthood Great Plains said...

Georgia high court reinstates ban on abortions after 6 weeks

Nov. 23, 2022 15:29 PM EST

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the state’s ban on abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy, abruptly ending access to later abortions that had resumed days earlier. In a one-page order, the justices put a lower court ruling overturning the...

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates state's ban on abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy

Nov. 23, 2022 12:05 PM EST
ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Supreme Court reinstates state's ban on abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy.

After midterms, states weighing abortion protections, bans

Nov. 23, 2022 10:18 AM EST

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Democrats hope to use their newfound political control in some states to guarantee that women have access to abortion, while some GOP strongholds may temper their efforts to deepen restrictions after poorer-than-expected results in the midterms. Even after their...

Indiana lawmakers return ahead of new state budget debate

Nov. 22, 2022 17:46 PM EST

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers returned to the Statehouse on Tuesday, fresh off Republican election victories that maintained the party's dominance of the Legislature and facing a possible list of expensive proposals from GOP Gov. Eric Holcomb. Senate President Pro Tem...

Q&A: Padma Lakshmi donates to provide equal opportunities

Nov. 22, 2022 10:37 AM EST

Padma Lakshmi's career has been filled with highlights, from creating the Hulu series “Taste the Nation” to hosting “Top Chef” to writing a best-selling memoir and numerous cookbooks. But one of her life's “seminal moments,” she says, was decidedly lower-profile. When...

N. Dakota faults judge's reasoning in blocking abortion ban

Nov. 21, 2022 17:19 PM EST

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The North Dakota attorney general's office said Monday that a judge did not use a “rational mental process” when he determined there was a “substantial probability” that a constitutional challenge to the state's abortion ban would succeed. The state...

Malta proposes bill to ease EU's strictest anti-abortion law

Nov. 21, 2022 14:28 PM EST

VALLETTA, Malta (AP) — Malta’s government introduced proposed legislation Monday to ease the European Union’s strictest anti-abortion law and allow the procedure in cases where the mother’s life or health is at risk. The move comes after a headline-grabbing case involving an...