New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division Wants To Issue Electronic Driver’s Licenses And Id Cards

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division wants to develop and issue electronic driver’s licenses and identification cards.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Roberto “Bobby” J. Gonzales of Ranchos de Taos would authorize the division to offer electronic credentials to customers at no additional cost to their physical licenses and identification cards.

If the bill is approved by lawmakers, the division would develop the interfaces needed for the licenses to be used with digital wallets in a manner that ensures the security of customers’ data.

When opened on a smart phone or similar device, the electronic license or identification card would display a simplified version of the printed credential with more detailed data encrypted in the file.

Electronic credentials can be updated in real time, such as when the division receives an address update from a driver or when a license is suspended or revoked.

“Technology is always changing and this bill will ensure that New Mexico can be at the forefront of the movement toward electronic licenses,” Gonzales said Thursday.

Eight states, including Arizona and Colorado, currently offer mobile licenses to their residents, and 10 other states are in various stages of development.