Motorist killed in crossfire of Milwaukee gun fight

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A mother driving with her two young children was killed when she was struck by a bullet during a gun fight in Milwaukee Thursday, police said.

Two people on opposite sides of a north side street were shooting at each other at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday — while it was still light out — when 23-year-old Jasmine N. Banks was hit by their gunfire, police said. Her two children and another woman in the car were not injured.

The vehicle came to a stop after she was shot. First responders could not save Banks and she died at the scene, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported .

"People were firing across the street and everyone just scattered. ... I guess they were gunning for some people but hit that innocent woman," said David Hall, 59, a technician at Adams Auto Body, a shop near the shooting.

Police said they have identified suspects and are looking for them.

The shooting happened near Ed's Lounge, where Joyce James, 55, is a waitress.

"I was in the bar and everyone started running in saying there was a shooting," James said. "I ran outside to cross the street. The woman was lifeless."


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