Review: 'RUsh!' Proves That Måneskin Are Here To Stay

This cover image released by Arista/Sony Music Latin shows "Rush!" by Maneskin. (Arista/Sony Latin via AP)
This cover image released by Arista/Sony Music Latin shows "Rush!" by Maneskin. (Arista/Sony Latin via AP)

“RUSH!” by Måneskin (Arista/Sony Music Latin)

From the moment they held the iconic glass microphone in Rotterdam in 2021, members of Italian rock band Måneskin have been catapulted to worldwide fame.

Since then, the four-piece band have been riding their 15 minutes of Eurovision fame and thanks to a catchy cover, charisma and — most of all — talent, they are building the base for a solid music career.

Their third album “RUSH!” perfectly encapsulates the band’s essence and reveals insights into the life-changing chapter they've lived in the past couple of years.

While most of the 17 tracks are in English, Måneskin don’t forget where they came from by adding a few tracks in Italian, including the single “LA FINE."

“Know that it’s not the beginning, it’s the end/Even the most beautiful rose has thorns/Maybe the only answer it’s to leave or to stay to rot," they sing in “LA FINE.”

“RUSH!” can’t merely be described as a rock album, even though the band keeps that fiery and loud beat, they experiment with different genres such as indie/rock and pop.

Regardless of their growing popularity, hanging out with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and performing around the world has not changed their revolutionary spirit.

In the track “GOSSIP” featuring Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, frontman Damiano David sings: “This place is a circus. You just see the surface.”

The band shows their vulnerabilities, their anger, their joys and they take jabs at the American dream that does not really represent them.

It might be too early to say, but Måneskin’s impact on the music industry looks to be long lasting and anything but rushed.


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