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Live updates | New attempts at Gaza cease-fire are underway, Israel's Gantz says

Feb. 21, 2024 19:13 PM EST

New attempts are underway to reach a cease-fire deal between Israel and Hamas that could pause the war in Gaza, a member of Israel’s War Cabinet said late Wednesday. “Initial signs indicate a possibility of moving forward,” said Benny Gantz, a former military chief and defense...

An attempt by UK lawmakers to vote on a cease-fire in Gaza descended into chaos

Feb. 21, 2024 15:09 PM EST

LONDON (AP) — U.K. lawmakers called Wednesday for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war — but only after dozens walked out of the House of Commons in protest at how the vote was handled. Lawmakers had been debating three separate resolutions related to the war. All were largely...

Why isn't desperately needed aid reaching Palestinians in Gaza?

Feb. 21, 2024 14:17 PM EST

From the earliest days of the Israel-Hamas war, the United States and much of the international community have pressed Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. But as the fighting rages on with no end in sight, the humanitarian catastrophe there has only worsened. ...

Putin says Russia has no intention of putting nuclear weapons in space, denying US claims

Feb. 20, 2024 21:50 PM EST

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Tuesday that Moscow has no intention of deploying nuclear weapons in space, claiming that the country has only developed space capabilities similar to those of the U.S. Putin's statement follows the White House confirmation...

Colombians mourn the killings of hundreds of former rebel fighters and human rights leaders

Feb. 20, 2024 21:39 PM EST

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (AP) — Holding white carnations, hundreds of Colombians marched in front of congress Tuesday to mourn the killings of human rights leaders and the murders of hundreds of former rebel fighters killed after signing a peace deal with the government that ended five decades of war. ...

The US vetoes an Arab-backed UN resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza

Feb. 20, 2024 16:14 PM EST

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States on Tuesday vetoed an Arab-backed and widely supported U.N. resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war in the embattled Gaza Strip, saying it would interfere with negotiations on a deal to free hostages abducted in...

Ransomware group LockBit is disrupted by a global police operation that includes 2 arrests

Feb. 20, 2024 14:51 PM EST

LONDON (AP) — Law enforcement agencies have infiltrated and disrupted the prolific ransomware syndicate LockBit that has extracted $120 million from thousands of victims around the world, with two people arrested, British, U.S. and European officials said Tuesday. Britain's...

The United States has vetoed an Arab-backed resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war

Feb. 20, 2024 10:40 AM EST
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States has vetoed an Arab-backed resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

South Africa tells top UN court that it's accusing Israel of apartheid against Palestinians

Feb. 20, 2024 06:21 AM EST

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — South Africa argued at the United Nations' top court on Tuesday that Israel is responsible for apartheid against the Palestinians and that Israel's occupation of land sought for a Palestinian state is “inherently and fundamentally illegal.” Israel rejects such...

Tribal bloodshed shines spotlight on instability in strategically vital Papua New Guinea

Feb. 20, 2024 02:44 AM EST

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A tribal clash in Papua New Guinea’s remote highlands in which at least 26 people were killed has put a growing internal security problem under the microscope in the strategically vital South Pacific island nation that has garnered closer military attention from the...