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NBC wonders: where are the Olympic viewers this year?

Aug. 03, 2021 18:19 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — For most nights at the Tokyo Olympics, NBC's prime time coverage is drawing about half the audience that the Games had in Rio de Janeiro five years ago. The numbers are sobering: Sunday's NBC audience of 13 million was down 51% from the 26.7 million who...

Editorial Roundup: Illinois

Aug. 03, 2021 17:36 PM EDT

Bloomington Pantagraph. August 1, 2021. Editorial: The McLean County public has been cut off from police scanners. Why that’s a concern. Local law enforcement agencies should reexamine blocking media outlets from hearing live scanner traffic. ...

On the bus or off, Venezuela journalists try to deliver news

Aug. 03, 2021 11:06 AM EDT

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — After boarding a bus in Venezuela's capital, Juan Pablo Lares sits in front facing the passengers, turns on a microphone and speaker, and delivers the news while a colleague holds a black cardboard frame around his face to mimic a television screen. ...

AP appoints Daisy Veerasingham as agency's president and CEO

Aug. 03, 2021 09:33 AM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press appointed Daisy Veerasingham, its executive vice president and chief operating officer, as the news cooperative’s president and CEO on Tuesday, setting her up to replace the retiring Gary Pruitt at the beginning of next year. She...

Lawmaker who named rape accuser says she did nothing wrong

Aug. 02, 2021 22:18 PM EDT

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho state lawmaker refused to answer questions she deemed “irrelevant” during a hearing Monday to determine whether she violated ethics rules by publicizing in disparaging social media posts the name of a woman who accused another lawmaker of rape. ...

Fox employee alleges harassment, discrimination in lawsuit

Aug. 02, 2021 17:18 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — An associate producer on Monday filed a lawsuit against Fox News Network, saying he was discriminated against because of his gender and subjected to unwelcome attention from an on-air personality. John Fawcett, who works on the “Kudlow" show hosted by...

AP, Reuters to help Twitter elevate more credible info

Aug. 02, 2021 16:14 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter has signed a deal with The Associated Press and Reuters to help elevate accurate information on its platform. Twitter said Monday that the program will expand its existing work to help explain why certain subjects are trending on the site, to show information...

Belarus sends reporter to prison over deleted chat messages

Aug. 02, 2021 12:35 PM EDT

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A court in Belarus convicted a journalist of insulting the president in messages in a deleted chat group and sentenced him to 1 1/2 years in prison, the Belarusian Association of Journalists said Monday. The verdict in the case against Siarhei...

Beijing Games: Sports coverage fine, other things maybe not

Aug. 02, 2021 08:04 AM EDT

TOKYO (AP) — The IOC says the Olympics are only about the sports; no politics allowed. This will be the mantra, as it always is, when the Beijing Winter Games open in six months. Covering ski races or figure-skating finals should be painless; just stay in the sports...

US expands Afghanistan refugee program to include aid workers, journalists as Taliban violence rises ahead of pullout

Aug. 02, 2021 06:05 AM EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) — US expands Afghanistan refugee program to include aid workers, journalists as Taliban violence rises ahead of pullout.