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'No magic wand:' Lebanon's new PM-designate urges unity

Jul. 26, 2021 13:44 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s newly appointed Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati on Monday urged unity to begin recovery from a devastating economic and financial meltdown roiling the country. He said he will strive to form a new government but the situation is too dire to overcome with the...

AP Week in Pictures: Middle East

Jul. 22, 2021 04:15 AM EDT

This photo gallery highlights some of the most compelling images made or published by Associated Press photographers in the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan Region between July 15-21, 2021. This week’s selection includes scenes from across the region, where...

Riots in Lebanon as West calls for quick Cabinet formation

Jul. 16, 2021 10:39 AM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Tension intensified in Lebanon on Friday, with riots leaving more than two dozen people injured in the northern city of Tripoli, including five soldiers who were attacked with a hand grenade. France, the European Union and the United States in the meantime...

Lebanon's PM-designate steps down after months of deadlock

Jul. 15, 2021 19:32 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri stepped down Thursday over what he called “key differences” with the president, deepening a political crisis that has left the Lebanese without a government for nine months even as they endure an unprecedented economic...

Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri steps down, cites 'key differences' with country's president

Jul. 15, 2021 09:41 AM EDT
BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri steps down, cites 'key differences' with country's president.

Lebanon's president says no one is protected in port probe

Jul. 14, 2021 13:38 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon’s president said Wednesday there would be no political cover for anyone implicated in last year’s massive explosion at the Beirut port, speaking a day after protests erupted over the handling of the investigation. The blast on Aug. 4 was caused...

Pope: Lebanon must remain a 'land of tolerance, pluralism'

Jul. 01, 2021 13:29 PM EDT

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis insisted Thursday that Lebanon must remain a “land of tolerance and pluralism” as he welcomed the country’s Christian patriarchs to the Vatican to pray for an end to the economic and political crisis that has thrown the country into chaos and threatened its...

Riots in Lebanon over economy injure 10 soldiers, protesters

Jun. 27, 2021 05:36 AM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanese troops deployed in the northern city of Tripoli early Sunday taking positions around major state institutions after a night of protests and riots against worsening living conditions left several protesters and 10 soldiers injured. Sporadic...

EU diplomat: mistrust at core of Lebanon political crisis

Jun. 20, 2021 13:33 PM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — A struggle for power and strong mistrust is at the heart of the fight between Lebanese political leaders and the deadlock over government formation, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said Sunday. “It is clear a fight for the distribution of...

EU threatens Lebanese politicians with sanctions over crisis

Jun. 19, 2021 09:43 AM EDT

BEIRUT (AP) — The European Union’s foreign policy chief Saturday berated Lebanese politicians for delays in forming a new Cabinet, warning the union could impose sanctions on those behind the political stalemate in the crisis-hit country. Josep Borrell made his...