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EXPLAINER: What's the role of personhood in abortion debate?

Jul. 30, 2022 13:51 PM EDT

ATLANTA (AP) — The concept of “personhood” has come up in debates since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the federal right to abortion. Some states have passed laws or constitutional amendments to introduce the standard, and anti-abortion advocates have pushed for similar changes elsewhere. ...

Muslims are finding their place in America’s abortion debate

Jun. 17, 2022 18:26 PM EDT

(RNS) — To Eman Abdelhadi, getting an abortion was the most sensible thing to do. She was six weeks pregnant and a graduate student who wasn’t financially ready to have a child. She felt no shame or guilt going through with it. “I had no qualms about it. I grew up in an...

If Roe falls, some fear repercussions for reproductive care

May. 23, 2022 15:43 PM EDT

If the Supreme Court follows through on overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion likely will be banned or greatly restricted in about half the U.S. states. But experts and advocates fear repercussions could reach even further, affecting care for women who miscarry, couples seeking fertility treatments and...