Man Pleads Guilty To Crashing Into Bleachers, Killing Man

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A driver who crashed into bleachers at a youth baseball game, killing a 76-year-old man, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, driving under the influence and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon on Tuesday.

Jonathan Burt, 31, of Lisbon, was sentenced in Cumberland County Superior Court to four-and-a-half years in prison, the Portland Press Herald reported.

The vehicle crashed into bleachers at Deering Oaks Park and came to a rest on a playground in July 2020. First responders administered two doses of Narcan to Burt. The victim, meanwhile, died the following day.

Through his attorney, Burt told the victim’s family that he was sorry. His attorneys said he’s now in recovery from substance abuse disorder.

The victim, Celestin Muhizi, had moved to Portland from Rwanda a year earlier to live closer to his son. The married father of nine was a teacher and a survivor of the Rwandan genocide of 1994.