Off-duty Omaha officer shoots at suspected shoplifter's SUV

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Omaha police are investigating after an off-duty officer fired gun at the vehicle of a suspected shoplifter at a northwest Omaha home improvement store.

The shooting happened Wednesday night in the parking lot of a Home Depot at 144th Street and West Maple Road, when the off-duty officer tried to stop a person accused of leaving the store with a shopping cart full of items without paying, according to a police news release. Witnesses reported hearing the off-duty officer identify himself as a police officer as he ordered the suspect to stop, police said.

Police said the shoplifting suspect refused to stop, jumped into a sport utility vehicle and took off, nearly hitting the officer. The off-duty officer then pulled a handgun he has for personal use and fired a shot at one of the SUV’s tires, police said.

Police said no one was injured in the shooting, and the suspect escaped. Detectives believe they know who the suspect is, based on surveillance images from the store, and expect to issue an arrest warrant in the case.