Latest Fungi News

Alternatives to store-bought fertilizer are all around you

Jun. 28, 2022 10:14 AM EDT

The cost of everything from gas to burgers may be rising, but home gardeners growing produce have found a way at least to avoid paying $4 for a pound of tomatoes. Fertilizing those tomatoes — or cucumbers or flowers, for that matter — is another story, as the cost of soil...

Fungus kills browntail moth caterpillars in areas of Maine

Jun. 22, 2022 13:56 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A fungus found to kill browntail moth caterpillars has made an appearance in Maine, potentially easing tension for Mainers dealing with the itchy rash, respiratory issues and other problems caused by the caterpillars, researchers said. “We’re really pretty...

Arizona regents' grant ramps up study of Valley Fever, ozone

May. 16, 2022 16:31 PM EDT

PHOENIX (AP) — A new partnership between the state’s three universities and several state agencies aims to increase understanding of issues like Valley Fever and ozone levels in Arizona – and come up with solutions. The Arizona Board of Regents announced new Regents’ Grants...