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Affirmative action in jeopardy after justices raise doubts

Oct. 31, 2022 17:27 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — The survival of affirmative action in higher education appeared to be in serious trouble Monday at a conservative-dominated Supreme Court after hours of debate over vexing questions of race. The most diverse court in the nation's history — among the nine...

Justices’ past affirmative action views, in their own words

Oct. 31, 2022 00:15 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Supreme Court that is the most diverse in history will hear two cases Monday challenging the use of affirmative action in higher education. It's a topic a number of the justices have already said a lot about. The cases say that Harvard University and the...

Editorial Roundup: Florida

Oct. 19, 2022 15:22 PM EDT

Orlando Sentinel. October 13, 2022. Editorial: A jury that acted without fear or favor The crucial question at the Parkland killer’s sentencing trial wasn’t expressed in so many words on the elaborate verdict forms that took more than an hour to read in court...