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IS jailbreak, attacks in Syria, Iraq raise alarm; scores die

Jan. 21, 2022 14:39 PM EST

BAGHDAD (AP) — The Islamic State group unleashed its biggest attack in Syria since the fall of its “caliphate” three years ago. More than 100 militants assaulted the main prison holding suspected extremists, sparking a battle with U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters that continued 24 hours later and...

Iraq security officials say Islamic State gunmen have killed 11 soldiers in an attack on army barracks north of Baghdad

Jan. 21, 2022 02:47 AM EST
BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq security officials say Islamic State gunmen have killed 11 soldiers in an attack on army barracks north of Baghdad.

Police arrest 29 for bringing people to EU on leisure boats

Jan. 19, 2022 10:31 AM EST

FOSSALTA DI PIAVE, Italy (AP) — Police in Italy, Albania and Greece on Wednesday arrested some 30 people accused of profiteering several hundred million euros to smuggle refugees and migrants into the European Union from Turkey on yachts and other leisure vessels. The coordinated...

Oil flow resumes at Iraq-Turkey pipeline following blast

Jan. 19, 2022 06:47 AM EST

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A pipeline that carries oil from Iraq to world markets resumed operating Wednesday after an explosion in southeastern Turkey forced it to shut down for several hours. No one was hurt in the explosion late Tuesday near the town of Pazarcik in Kahramanmaras...

Poland: some 600 migrant crossings foiled this year

Jan. 18, 2022 09:41 AM EST

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s Border Guard authorities say that almost 600 attempts by migrants at illegally crossing the border from Belarus have been foiled so far this year. The attempts have continued since their peak in the fall, but the number of...

Wounded Indiana Marine will receive donated custom home

Jan. 16, 2022 00:12 AM EST

ATTICA, Ind. (AP) — The streets of Attica echoed with sirens as a fleet of first responder vehicles escorted Marine LCpl. Bryan Chambers to West Mill Social Hall. Outside of the community center, dozens stood holding flags anticipating their guests of honor to arrive. ...

Yellow ribbons removed from town green amid speech dispute

Jan. 14, 2022 14:11 PM EST

LITCHFIELD, Conn. (AP) — A symbol of support for U.S. troops has become the centerpiece of a contentious free-speech debate in this small town in the hills of northwestern Connecticut. Yellow ribbons had adorned trees on the historic Litchfield Town Green since the start of the...

Iraqi officials: 4 rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad

Jan. 13, 2022 13:53 PM EST

BAGHDAD (AP) — At least four rockets targeted the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Thursday, two Iraqi security officials said. The area is home to diplomatic missions and the seat of Iraq's government, Three of the missiles struck within the perimeter of...

Iran leader's website showcases Trump drone strike animation

Jan. 13, 2022 07:19 AM EST

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The website of Iran's supreme leader has showcased an animated video that appears to show a robot calling in a drone strike to assassinate former President Donald Trump. The animated video was part of a contest to mark the Jan. 3, 2020 killing of Iranian Gen....

Iraq's new parliament holds 1st session marked by disarray

Jan. 09, 2022 12:27 PM EST

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq’s new parliament reelected its speaker for a second term Sunday, the first step toward forming a new government after a general election whose results have been contested by powerful Iran-backed factions. In a reflection of tensions, the meeting was marked by...