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A Pennsylvania nurse is accused of killing 4 patients, injuring others with high doses of insulin

Nov. 02, 2023 17:23 PM EDT

A registered nurse in Pennsylvania faces charges she administered lethal or potentially lethal doses of insulin to numerous patients — including a 104-year-old — at health care facilities over the past three years, prosecutors announced Thursday. Heather Pressdee, 41, had been...

Liz Weston: 5 surprising facts about assisted living

Oct. 02, 2023 09:10 AM EDT

If you or a loved one can no longer live safely at home, assisted living may be the answer. Residents typically live in their own rooms or apartments and get housekeeping services, meals and help with personal care. But facilities can vary enormously, and people’s expectations...

As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists

Sep. 29, 2023 00:15 AM EDT

HONG KONG (AP) — In the last few years, China’s government has promoted increasingly conservative social values, encouraging women to focus on raising children. It has cracked down on civil society movements and made laws to drive out foreign influence. So a 75-year-old Japanese...