64 People Charged In Sexual Abuse Investigations In Canada, Ontario Police Say

TORONTO (AP) — More than 60 people were arrested and hundreds of charges were filed in a series of investigations into child sexual abuse in Ontario, Canadian police said Wednesday.

Provincial Police Det. Staff Sgt. Tim Brown said the investigations were carried out over 10 days in February and led to the arrest of dozens of suspects accused of making, possessing and distributing child sexual abuse material.

“We were reacting to complaints from different electronic service providers, so services like any of the social media platforms,” Brown said. “The bulk of this project was that.”

Brown said one case involved luring and involved an undercover officer online.

Investigators said 64 people have been charged with a total of 348 offenses and more than 600 devices have been seized. The suspects range in age from 16 to 67.

Police allege one of the people charged was in possession of 21 terabytes of data containing child sexual abuse material.

They say 34 victims have been identified and 30 children were safeguarded.